Becoming a security dog trainer or handler is not as simple as it may seem to most because you need to have a great understanding of dogs and must be able to look after the dog correctly if you are a handler. There are different ways of Dog traininggetting into the career of dog trainer/handler it is completely dependant on the type of dog you want to eventually be training or working along side, below are some different variations on the kind of dogs you can train up and the handling jobs that are available in the dog handling sector;

Police force

This is a popular choice for those that want to work with dogs in the security field. It involves training the person in how to work with dogs and be able to track missing persons from their scent, using scent training to search for drugs and other illegal substances (for example explosive devices), chasing down armed criminals and disarming them, controlling excessive crowds in public areas (for example at football matches) and also they are used sometimes in high security prisons and police stations to control criminals.

If you wanted to become a dog handler in the police force then you would first off have to be working for the police force in a different area, so this means you can't normally start working in the force as a dog handler to begin with. If you are already working for the force then you just need to carry out the correct courses that will result in you Police dog traininghaving a professional dog handling license that is required.

In the police force you will have a set amount of professional training then that will be followed by a months tutored patrol once this is completed you would be on a years probation period before being fully classed as qualified. As well as these qualifications it is normally required that you have a full driving license as you will be required to drive the dogs around in a dog handling vehicle.

Each of these jobs has their own separate requirements but the most basic form of qualification for those that want to work as a normal security guard for a larger company is the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU). In the UK this is a legally required qualification for all that want to work with security dogs.