There are many different sectors with in the security field so the main issue when deciding in a career of security is which sector you will eventually work in. Each type of security work has its own requirements and qualifications for those that are interested in a specific area of security. Some of the different areas of security include;

General security guards Security guard

These kinds of jobs offer variety in your surrounding as you will most likely work for a large company that would require your services through out many different areas in the country. Many large security firms also have lots of different types of client and they would probably get you to specialise in a certain area such as factory security, ground work or office etc. this is because when a firm is hiring a security company they like to be able to see that they have specific guards that specialise in their kind of environment. The main duties of this type of security guard are to walk the grounds of the firm whilst it is closed to ensure all areas are kept secure and to ensure no intruders get into the facility. They act as a great deterrent to potential thieves and also help detain any culprits if caught in the act until the police arrive. This security is backed up further if they have a guard dog working with them.

Guard dog patrols

These kinds of security guards also have some similar duties as those above but they work generally in places that are mainly industrial. The dogs are extremely highly trained and are able to work with the security guard not only to deter potential thieves but also the dogs have been specially trained to detain people and so the person can be detained safely Guard dog patrolsby the dog whilst the security guard alerts police etc.

Store security (store detective)

This is a very specific type of security job and involves the person working in a retail situation. Their main duties will be to monitor security systems looking for any suspicious behaviour, and then following those that act suspiciously to ensure they aren't committing any crime. They would also be required to search those they believe to have stolen goods on their person, any one they find with stolen goods they would immediately have to report it to the police and detain the person until the police arrived. After an event such as this they would be required to get evidence from witnesses and sometimes file a small report, in some cases they may even be required to go to court to give evidence against the person.